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Send an email to all GOV.UK Account users

Sometimes you may need to email all GOV.UK Account users. For example, after a request from the Senior Management Team (SMT).

Send an email

  1. Sign in to production.

    If you are already signed in to CloudFoundry:

    cf target -s production

    If you are not already signed in to CloudFoundry:

    cf login -a --sso -o govuk-accounts -s production
  2. SSH into a production machine:

    cf ssh govuk-account-manager
  3. Load the application environment:

    $ /tmp/lifecycle/shell
  4. Open a Ruby on Rails console:

    $ rails c
  5. Assign the email subject and content to variables:

    subject = "<email-subject-line>"
    body = "<email-body-text>"

    For example:

    subject = "Important changes to your GOV.UK Account"
    body = "You must perform an action"
  6. Trigger an email to all account users:

    User.all.each do |user|
      UserMailer.with(email:, subject: subject, body: body).adhoc_email.deliver_later
  7. Check the emails have begun to appear in the GOV.UK Notify dashboard.

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