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Install developer tools

The GOV.UK Account team uses the following developer tools:

When you join the GOV.UK Account team, you must install these tools.

Install the gds-cli

The gds-cli is a CLI to connect to the VPN and update secrets.

To install gds-cli, see the GOV.UK Developer documentation on installing GDS tooling for more information.

Install the fly CLI

fly is a CLI to interact with our Concourse pipelines.

Before you install fly, you must have access to Concourse.

In install fly:

  1. Sign in to the GDS VPN using the command line or the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client.
  2. Go to the GDS Concourse instance.
  3. Sign in with your GDS GitHub account.

At the bottom of the page there is a section labled cli, next to which are three links:

  • Download OS X CLI
  • Download Windows CLI
  • Download Linux CLI

Choose the right option for your operating system, and install the downloaded CLI.

Once you have finished, you can confirm fly is correctly installed by running fly --version. You should get a response with a version number.

This version should match the version seen at the bottom of the GDS Concourse instance.

Install the CloudFoundry CLI

The CloudFoundry CLI lets you to interact with our servers on the GOV.UK PaaS.

Currently, there are two main versions of the CloudFoundary CLI, v6 and v7.

You should use v7. The team and documentation in this manual assume that you are using v7.

To download and install v7, see the CloudFoundry documentation on how to install v7 of the CLI.

Once you have installed the CloudFoundry CLI, check you have the right version by running cf --version.

You should get a response with a version number that starts with cf version 7.. For example:

cf version 7.2.0+be4a5ce2b.2020-12-10
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