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Get access to required apps and information

When you join the GOV.UK Account team, you must get access to all the required apps and information you need.

Complete the GOV.UK new starter process

If you are a new developer on GDS or the GOV.UK programme, you must complete the GOV.UK developer new starter process.

See the documentation on getting started on GOV.UK for more information.

At the end of this process, you should have access to the following:

  • the GOV.UK production environment
  • GDS Concourse
  • the GOV.UK GitHub team

If you are not are new to GDS or the GOV.UK programme, you should have already completed this process.

Get access to GOV.UK Account team internal tools

Ask the delivery manager for access to the following GOV.UK Account team internal tools:

Get access to GOV.UK PaaS and Notify

Ask the GOV.UK Account tech lead or lead developer for access to the following:

Get access to GOV.UK Account developer Google group

Ask any GOV.UK Account developer to add you to the GOV.UK Account developer Google group.

Get access to Splunk

To access Splunk, raise a IT request:

  1. Sign in to the GDS IT & Estates Web Help Desk.
  2. In Request Type, select GDS IT Requests > People & accounts > Other Account Requests.
  3. In Request Detail, enter “Please apply gds-027-govuk-accounts role to my google account.”
  4. For Account type, select LDAP.
  5. In For Google changes, select Account correction/change.
  6. In Is this request for you?, select Yes.
  7. Select your Location and Room, and select Save.

When IT tell you the request is complete, check that you can access the GOV.UK Account Splunk dashboard.

Check access to the GOV.UK Account Grafana dashboard

Check that you have access to the GOV.UK Account Grafana dashboard.

If you cannot access this dashboard, speak to IT on the ask-it Slack channel or raise an IT request.

Give GOV.UK Seal access to your Github name

The Account team use Seal Slack bot to give helpful prompts on Slack. One example is the morning reminder for pull requests that require review.

Seal needs to know which GitHub user is in which team. This configuration is described in the Seal alphagov.yml file.

If your username is not already on the list, add your username to the list and raise a pull request, asking other team members to review.

Once the pull request has been merged, the change is automatically deployed to the heroku app.

See this example Seal pull request for reference.

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